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About our business

Tattooing is believe it or not, one of the oldest trades in the world.
The Japanese, Chinese, Maoris, Samoans and the Middle East, to name but a few, have all been tattooing for centuries. In fact, as long as we've been applying art to caves, walls & canvas, we've applied our `artwork' to skin. The actual word `tattoo' comes from the Maoris, `Tatu' (to mark).
Tattooing has and still is classed as an `Ethnic Trade' throughout the world.
Gone are the days of `down an alley' tattooists. Tattooing is now a thriving business, using state of the art equipment and hygiene methods. There are one or more tattoo studios in every town and city, not just in this country but throughout the whole of the world.

What sort of people get tattoos?
The sort of people being tattooed today aren't just sailors, soldiers and so called undesireables, but people from all walks of life. All ages from 18yrs to 80yrs plus, both male and female. I have tattooed everyone from doctors, nurses, policemen, solicitors, councillors, and even known celebrities and pop stars.

What designs are available?
Many people assume the only tattoo designs are hearts, flowers, tigers, panthers, snakes, daggers or loved ones names. This is an automatic stereotype.
The only limitation of the design to be applied on skin is the imagination of the person who requires it.

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Ty Bowers

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